Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sneak Peek M Family - My family {Morgan Hill Family Photographer}

There is something about capturing memories for a family - it always makes me smile. But too many photographers get so wrapped up in capturing memories for other families, that they don't always remember to have someone capture memories for their family.

That's why I try extra hard to make sure I drag, errr take, my family out for photos every so often. I took these a few weeks ago and I just smile every time I look at my happy family.

My gaggle of girls.


My oldest girl. She's trouble. ;)


Sister plus 1

Numero dos - she's trouble, but she's more sneaky about it.


This one is our little firecracker - don't make her mad.


me & my other half.

And finally...this is how we solve problems in our house.

solving problems.

Unfortunately we had a babe that was melting, so we don't have pictures of her by herself this time. But luckily she's not lacking in the photo department.

So remember - don't let those moments pass you by. Have someone take a photo of you, your kids, your family. You'll never get those moments back, so make sure you've captured them. Love to all.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The M Family - My Family {Morgan Hill Family Photographer}

There is something different doing a session with your OWN family. The kids don't see you as the photographer, but as their mom. And boy do they sometimes decide that picture day is the time to tune you out.

But I ventured out with all four of my little ducklings and the hubs to get an early start on our holiday photos. I have to say, the weather was great and the kids (while they didn't last as long as I would have liked) they did pretty good.

And I think this one is a keeper.

M family 2011

I love my family.